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James Heffer

I've been carp fishing for about 16 years i try and get out on the bank as much as possible around my work and a young family. I've recently got a ticket to a local water which is very challenging but the rewards will be well worth the wait this is where I am spending a majority of my time I also enjoy taking my son Riley where possible. My English pb is 35.2 mirror and my foreign pb is 43.12 common I go to France once a year and I always look forward to new challenges

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Mark and Lexie

I've been Carping since 2008 and Lexie my daughter joined me on the bank in 2011 at the age of 8. Since then we have shared some great memories. We mainly fish day ticket venues in Lincolnshire. Lexie loves to fish tight up to margins with solid Pva bags and her favorite rig is a D-xcurve snowman. My favorite method is a 7-8 " rig with a D-xcurve and a wafter over a baited area. 
Lexie currently has a Pb mirror of 26lb and mine a 30lb mirror. The most important factor to us is to enjoy our bank time and have fun.

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